After a few years of exploring myself as a photographer working in fashion, interior, portrait and lifestyle, I was looking for a deeper connection with who I am and what I think is important in life. Especially since I became a mother, I discovered more about the importance of nature. And if I want to share the beauty of nature as it is now with my child, my grand child and grand grand child, I have to be part of a change. That is why the focus in my work is on sustainability. My personal work, but also the clients and brands I like to work with. Do you share my love for nature? I would love to connect and make your sustainable stories visible!

Nicoline Rodenburg

Nicoline started her career in advertising, as a project manager, after graduating at the school of Communication, Advertising & Design. After a few years working with creatives, but not being in a position to create herself, she felt incomplete. She chose a medium and started to explore her own creativity. Photography grabbed her and took over her way of looking at the world.  

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